The Siren Lure of Victoria’s Weather . . .

Triple digit days of heat here in West Texas come as early as May and persist even into September.  Checking into the prevailing historical weather patterns for Victoria, British Columbia, I learned that a typical high summer day temperature would average in the mid-seventies Fahrenheit.  The record high for Victoria was 86 degrees Fahrenheit as I recall.  Wow.  No triple digit heat days.

Then there are the winters.  An average of 12 days of snowfall and in the winter of 2015 there was no snow.  Some 30 to 33 days of temperatures below freezing in the typical winter.  Low temperatures usually in the forties through much of the winter (I always speak in Fahrenheit).

So, forties in the dead of winter with seventies in the high summer.  Must be fifties and sixties for the spring and fall seasons.  Then there are about 150 days of precipitation in the course of a year leaving 200 days precipitation-free.  Now, I do not for a moment think those to be 200 days of sunshine.  This is the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent after all.  But, after a lifetime in Texas, I have had more than my share of sunshiny days.  I can deal with 300 plus days a year of overcast cloudy days.

All in all, the Victoria, British Columbia weather patterns sound like near-Heaven to this lifetime Texas resident.  As one of those people who never really needed a sweater or jacket until temperatures dropped into the forties, I think I shall do just fine.

Naturally, there are other reasons for targeting Victoria for my relocation this summer for my retirement years.  Let’s save them for another day.  My next task is to learn how to upload photographs here.  Photos would be helpful when exploring those other reasons for targeting Victoria.  Cheerio till next time.



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