Butchart Gardens Victoria BC

On at least one of our two visits to Victoria when cruising the Alaskan Inside Passageway, Mary Nell Baird and I explored the city’s stellar attraction Butchart Gardens as pictured above.  Once relocated and living in the city, I will feel compelled to take all my visitors to see the gardens as they are gorgeous, peaceful, and inspiring. One purpose of this blog site on the web seeks to entice visitors.  Plan a vacation and come my way.  There is much to see and do in Victoria and on all of Vancouver Island.  Once here, I will have time to explore the city and island and find those unique spots that must not be missed that most tourists never know exist.

Looking back through the Canada file folder within my yahoo email account, it appears that my serious plans to leave Midland for Victoria took off in early February.  For that is the month I prepared and sent a one-inch thick application to the Canadian Immigration Officials in Sydney, Nova Scotia, for a Right of Permanent Residence in Canada Visa Card.  They can take a year to process such applications, and no, I have yet to hear from them.  I have also sent to the Canadian Visa office in southern California a much thinner application for a Temporary Resident in Canada Visa good for a year or longer.  I have heard from them regarding more paperwork they need.  I have sent it their way.

In March I arranged with a local Victoria relocation firm for them to conduct a search  on my behalf for housing in the city in accord with my budget and preferences.  I will fly to Victoria the first week of June and they will show me what they have found.  I have also arranged with a local British Columbia moving firm to be ready to move my stuff from Midland to Victoria come sometime in mid- to late- June.  I anticipate my lease move-in date will likely be 1 July 2018 (I am practicing writing dates British style).

So matters are moving along for the relocation.  Now what you need to do ,Reader, is start thinking about planning your summer vacation in 2019 to come see Victoria and Vancouver Island.  By then I should know all the secret spots most tourist never see that are not to be missed.

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