Calm Before the Housing Visit. . .

One week of April remains.  All calm as I await the arrival of the first week of June.  For on 3 June I fly to Victoria and on that Monday Rachel of Rivers Relocation fetches me at the Helm’s Inn to show me the various housing possibilities she has surfaced in her hunt on my behalf.  Hopefully, by mid-week I will have signed a lease agreement to rent housing in Victoria for the coming year.  Also, that week I plan to set in place all the various utilities for the housing and open checking and savings accounts at a local credit union.

The jury is still out on whether my chiropractor, Dr. David Doll, makes the trip with me to serve as a second opinion for my housing choices.  He must find another chiropractor to cover his practice for the week, which I surely hope he does as in the fifteen years since he opened his practice here in Midland, he has never taken a week-long vacation anywhere.  Just the occasional long weekend.  Me?  All through my professional career I have always taken all my paid vacation time, which is why I have traveled the globe.

I have abandoned checking the internet daily for housing opportunities in Victoria as recently one of the “landlords” appeared to be enticing me into a scam situation.  His command of the English language left much to be desired.  He couldn’t disclose the square footage of the property when asked on three occasions.  His rental application, Rachel said, was one she had seen before in a scam context.  He could not provide anyone locally to actually allow Rachel and me to see the inside of the property on June 4 or 5.  And the property, three bedrooms and two baths, seemed quite under-valued compared to the local market rental rates.  After that experience, I decided to just let the professional, Rachel, provide her service—find me housing possibilities that meet my budget and preferences.

Flight arrangements are made.  Hotel accommodations are in place.  $25 CAD should cover the airport shuttle ride to the hotel.  Likely midweek, that first week of June in Victoria, I will rent a car for the balance of the week.  My visa card applications are in with the folk in Nova Scotia and Southern California being processed (presumably).  I have even boxed up all my stuff awaiting the move.  Time now to just go bonkers with the wait, wait, wait for June to arrive.

So, in the meantime, enjoy the photo above of Victoria in daylight on a sunny day.  I do wonder how many of the 365 days each year are such in Victoria?  For now, Cheerio till next time.


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