Said I was a Poet . . .

Expatriate Dreams

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.  –Walt Disney

Sixty-six long years living just miles away

from Highway 80 transformed early on

to Interstate 20 running along Dallas’s

southside toward Abilene, on past Midland.


Good money earned in professional salaries:

accounting—both public and private,

English Instruction in higher education,

secondary high school teaching as well.


Triple digit days of heat May to September

rain scant most all months of each year

cloudy, misty overcast days occasional treats

but, oh so occasional, mostly just Texas heat.


No complaints really as Midland proved to be

excellent for raising two sons to adulthood

with good schools, many parks, activities

of all stripes attractive to men-in-training.


Serving three years an elected trustee

for the Midland Independent School District

Board of Education as District 6 representative

proved a true joy as the last century closed.


Yet now, yes now, final retirement from

professional service looms just weeks away—

and now, yes now, comes time to plan an

Escape from all things West Texas, yes now!


Wither escape?  Not Brazil as two trips recall

their heat, nor anywhere within these United

States as our culture has become oppressive—

national politics in particular deeply dark.


Decades after civil rights marches, Dr. King’s

“I have a Dream” speech, one would have

expected much more progress in racial

harmony, yet we move backwards it seems.


Twice Paris, France, delighted with short visits,

once in Northern Ireland, multiple sojourns

in England, in Scotland, even ten weeks there

one summer, intriguing, almost the destination.


Canada now.  A decade back Nova Scotia would

be the target, now, based on four visits to Eastern

Canada, but no, two Alaskan cruises out of Seattle

determine the choice, oh! those two excursions.


Twice the Alaskan cruise ship on returning to

Seattle made one final day-excursion stop, in

Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island

the provincial capital, home of Butchart Gardens.


So the dream began and we are always told

Follow Your Dreams, so serious planning finds

itself well underway.  A housing specialist seeks

there your next home meeting your expectations.


A Victoria moving company stands ready for

the word to begin to move all your stuff

from Midland to Victoria, British Columbia,

and you, you wait until June to sign a lease.


Summer 2018 you will escape all things Texas.

Sign the lease the first week in June, then

give that word to the Victoria moving company.

Come July Expatriate Dreams turn to Reality.


© April 2018—G. Randall Willis

Featured image:  Big Bend National Park, Texas, Chisos-Mountains-Prickly-Pear-Sunset © 

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