Victoria Housing Search . . .

I have contracted with Rachel at Rivers Relocation in Victoria, BC, to conduct my housing search.  She will show me the results of her professional efforts on Monday/Tuesday 4 & 5 June.  She will be looking in the city and immediate suburbs of Victoria, BC.  So what is she looking for on my behalf?

First, the monthly rentals must be in the range of one-quarter to one-third of my net-take-home pay from my two U.S. sourced pensions.  The one-third ceiling should include the customary utilities to operate the site.  Naturally, I learned this principle for limitations on housing cost from David Ramsey and his Financial Peace University.  The one-quarter of take-home-pay being his platinum standard principle for all housing, rented or owned.

Rachel knows that, second, I am open to various types of accommodations including an apartment, a condominium, a stand-alone house, a duplex, or a basement apartment of a house.  Third, I am looking for 1,100 to 1,500 square feet of living space with a non-negotiable floor of 800 square feet.  Over my life I have owned and lived in homes ranging from 1,500 to 3,200 square feet of living space.  I would not thrive in a bachelor apartment, often only 450 square feet in the Victoria market.

Third, I am looking for two bedrooms and one bath, but would of course stand for more of each so long as I am within budget.  I need the second bedroom for my home office which will include my executive desk, bookshelves, filing cabinet, desktop computer, monitor, rolling office chair, and such like.  My preference for any accommodation excludes climbing stairs.  I have been kind to my knees, but old-age arthritis has set in and made doing stairs a pain, literally.

Fourth, most housing situations do include a cook-top, sink, and refrigerator in a kitchen.  I consider these essential as I do like to heat stuff up on a cook-top or a microwave at home, rather than eat out all the time.  Some places include a dishwasher, but I can live without one as washing dishes by hand for one person is no big deal.  Some places include an en-suite washer and dryer, which would be nice.  But many include access to a coin-operated washer/dryer in a common area which would do me fine as well.  I would rather not be forced to make a trek to a local laundromat every week or two, but could do that if I had to and the place was magnificent apart from that consideration.

Fifth, I am indifferent to such considerations as type of flooring as I am good with carpet, hardwood, laminate, or even linoleum tile.  Neutral paint colours on the walls would do fine.  Eggshell would be great as lighter colours make places appear larger.  Lots of incoming daylight through windows, sliding glass doors, and the like will always be a plus (saves on electricity) and dispels the aura of living in a cavern.

Sixth, parking for my car off the street would be really preferable.  Oh, I could park on the street, but I really would rather not have to do so.  Some green-space around the house, also known as a yard or garden would be a plus as well.  After all, I plan to live out my retirement years in this place or one like it should I move down to a different one.

So I shall look at what Rachel turns up that first week of June and will make quick sketches of the floor plans.  I will also have in hand my handy-dandy tape measure to nail down the dimensions of the various rooms.  Will I need to acquire a Queen or a King size bed?  I do not know yet.  Could go either way depending on the lease I finally sign.  So there you go, the parameters Rachel works with in her search on my behalf.  Till next time, cheerio.





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