Thinking Ahead . . .

Once the moving van rolls away there will much to do.  Insofar as furniture items are concerned, I am not shipping all that much from Midland, Texas, to Victoria, British Columbia.  Largest of the items shipped consists of four oak wall units, two of which are bookshelves only, one of which are book shelves on top with an enclosed “secretary” shelf in the middle and three storage drawers on the bottom, and the fourth a china hutch on top with glass panels and shelves and three storage drawers on the bottom.  The four oak wall units were acquired back in the year 1980 when I was awarded my Certified Public Accountant certificate and purchased our first single-family residence.

Other furniture items include an executive desk acquired in a garage sale, its rolling office chair, and a tall metal filing cabinet.  Along with the desk moving to Victoria will be a Lazy-Boy recliner, a set of wooden bookshelves I found abandoned in a garage to a home I once rented, and an AM-FM radio receiver/CD player/vinyl record player unit.

Also making the move from Midland is an antique wall clock I acquired from Earle McMillan in Abilene in the early seventies.  Earle was my Bible Professor for four of my five Bible classes.  All ACU students were required to take 15 semester hours of Bible to earn any degree.  Earle had earned his PHD in Theology from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland living there for six years.  He and his wife Eualice would scour the antique stores all over Britain making purchases and shipping them back to Abilene, Texas.  When he returned to teach at ACU, he and Eualice opened an antique store as a side business.  The clock is about four feet tall and now about two-hundred years old.

Then there are the forty some-odd moving boxes already packed and labeled for the move including over 800 books and 40 plus various wall hangings.  That will take some time the first weeks in Victoria to unpack and put away and hang on the walls.  Then there will come the shopping forays to fill out the apartment as I am not shipping a bed and bedroom furnishings, nor a kitchen table and chairs, nor a sleeper sofa for the common living area.  No Rooms-to-Go exists in Victoria so I will be in search of places to find those items my first couple of weeks on the ground.

Up in the air at the moment is the fate of my 2007 BMW 328i with only 62,300 miles on its odometer, some 90,000 short of what a decade old car should have by now.  Brother-in-law Skip Collins in Dallas is looking for a buyer on my behalf and I will look for a local buyer within the next few weeks.  I would prefer to convert the car to money in the bank allowing me to fly up to Victoria and avoid the 2,500 mile road-trip.  I could then look for a pre-owned Lincoln MKZ once in Victoria for its replacement.  Want to buy a car?  Write me an email.

After today only eighteen contract days remain in my teaching contract at Lee High School.  My seniors are slogging through a reading of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World as our final educational pursuit.  We will finish the novel by the end of next week and move on to their taking four class periods to write their English IV final examination essay.  After that, graduation activities will be here including the ceremony on Saturday afternoon, June 2nd.  In just twenty-five days they walk the graduation stage.  This has been a good final year to my professional career as an Educator.  Who knows, after situated up north a while, I might see if any of the local universities need an adjunct creative writing instructor.  I could do that.

Once all the dust settles, things unpacked, things hung on the walls, new furnishing acquired and in place, I will turn my attention to making connections in Victoria.  Rachel has already pointed me in the direction of a Newcomer’s Group there.  I have located a Stone-Campbell Restoration tradition Church of Christ in the city for possible membership.  I will look elsewhere if they are a throwback to the legalism-sectarianism mindset that had so many of such churches in its grip during the mid-twentieth century.

Likely I will look around for a Bridge club that gathers and plays Bridge every week.  Not that I have played any Bridge for a couple of decades, but I figure the bidding system will come back after a little practice.  Then there will be Friday evenings at Hillside Tea & Coffee where the PlanetEarthPoetry collective holds a weekly open-mike poetry slam with two featured readers thereafter.  Certainly, I cannot miss that weekly gathering.  I already have a slim three-ring binder ready with some of my work to use at the open-mike.  I got that ready to take with me and hopefully need to use on Friday, June 8, when in Victoria my housing search week.  I am ambivalent about looking for a gym membership as treadmills and fitness equipment do not ring any bells for me.

My list of pre-move things to do Stateside is completed.  I can’t even fill my time with that list anymore.  So now I continue the wait for the relocation action to begin when driving to the Midland airport Sunday morning, June 3rd.   My chiropractor, Dr. David Doll, may make the housing search week with me, IF he can find another chiropractor to cover his practice.  He would be my second opinion on the various housing choices that Rachel comes up with.  If he can’t make the trip, forever friend Mary Nell Baird will go with me and be my second opinion.  Nice to know that June 3-10 week in Victoria will not be a solo endeavor.   And that is enough rambling for this posting.  Cheerio until next time.


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