So long, Silver, Cheerio . . .

Cheerio, Silver!  It’s been good driving you about these past seven months.

Today, forever-friend Sandra of Weatherford, Texas, takes the paperwork to her bank that we signed Saturday evening at my sister’s, Lee Ann Collins’s, house in Murphy, Texas, to transfer title of my silver 2007 BMW 328i sedan from me to Sandra.  So, so long Silver; all my cars are named after their primary colour.

I had left work on Friday, picked up the car from the outfit where it had been “detailed” that day and drove my way toward Dallas.  I had a firm $5,100 offer from my brother-in-law Skip’s friend Paul Miller.  Life-long friends of Skip, Linda and Scott, were mulling over making an offer and finally came through with one for $5,500.

For the record, I paid Paul Miller $8,500 last October for Silver when my 2003 Lincoln Aviator bit the dust after I apparently zoned out driving to work and ran a stop sign.  Silly Willis.  In any case, after driving 280 miles east from Midland on Interstate 20 I needed a break.  So I pulled off the highway some three miles or so into Weatherford to stop by Sandra’s house.  Her husband Gary came to the door and exclaimed, “It’s Gary Willis!”  I had phoned Gary about half an hour earlier to see if stopping by would be okay, but my call went to voicemail.

Well, we visited, Sandra, Gary, and me for an hour or so during which the subject came up for why I was driving to Dallas?  “To sell this car,” I said.  “Do you guys want the car?” I asked off-the-cuff thinking to myself that they already had all the cars they needed.  “Maybe,” came Sandra’s reply.

“Really!” I said.  So we talked about the car, its history, what I paid for it last October, and why I was unloading it so soon.  That was easy.  I was dead tired after working all day and driving a mere 280 miles (so far) and the prospect of driving Silver some 2,500 miles from Midland to Victoria, British Columbia, in mid- to late- June seemed daunting.  Enough so, that the plan was to sell Silver, bank the money, and replace Silver with a new pre-owned sedan in Victoria, likely a Lincoln MKZ.

Well it all worked out.  Sandra and Gary today become the proud owners of Silver and I am driving a white Ford Focus I rented from AVIS when my Southwest flight landed back in Midland Sunday afternoon.  While in Dallas, I brunched Saturday mid-day at The Egg and I with Alan, Preston, and Leah (Preston’s live-in friend).  Saturday night Alan and I dined at Tricky Fish with Lee Ann, Skip, and a life-long couple friend of theirs now living in San Angelo.  I stayed with Alan the Friday and Saturday nights where I remade my acquaintance with his two dogs Patches and Emma.

And now after today only fourteen days remain on my MISD teaching contract.  Twenty days from now I return the AVIS rental car.  Mary Nell and I then catch our flights to Victoria, British Columbia, for housing search week.  We have a seven hour layover in Seattle on our way so plan to take a taxi to/from Seattle’s Space Needle.  Mary Nell wants to see the city from the observation deck.  I vote for eating in the Space Needle restaurant while doing that.  Enough for today.  Cheerio till next time.

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