Confirmation, Finally!

Enjoy the photograph of me and Mary Nell Baird on our Hawaiian vacation a few summers back.  Mary Nell will make the housing search with me in Victoria the first week of June to be my second opinion on all things housing.

NEWSFLASH! Thursday, May 17, Ms. Anabelle, Agent 4036, of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada in Sydney, Nova, Scotia, sent me an email to confirm that they have in fact received my paper inch-thick application for a Right of Permanent Residence in Canada Visa Card.  Finally!  Confirmation that they do in fact have my application, which they have had since March 13 per my USPS tracking message.  Took them long enough.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley concludes today wrapping up direct instruction for my Educational career.  Next week Final Examinations begin and conclude by the following mid-week.  English IV seniors are given four class meetings (180 minutes) to use the writing process to create an outline, write a rough draft, revise and edit the draft, and make a fair copy of an examination essay written to one of three possible prompts.  And then they are done with their final high school English class.

We stop one day next week to hold a school-wide assembly to recognize our seniors for the scholarships they have been awarded, where they will attend university, what military service they are joining, or what trade-school program they will start post-graduation.  Then we send the underclassmen back to class and hold a “Senior Field Day” for the seniors (passing all their core classes) just like those Field Days they experienced on their elementary campuses.  An experiment, this Senior Field Day.  If it goes well, it will become a new annual tradition.  I shall be in the large gymnasium “supervising” the volleyball tournament.  Seniors only attend their three classes after lunch that day.  Why? I wonder.  Why not Field Day all day?

We have experienced a series of triple-digit heat days already.  My rental car tells me its interior temperature when I open the car door.  I have seen 119 °F more than once this past week.  I need to remember to crack open at least one window to let the heat escape, but then that invites car thieves does it not?  Once resettled in Victoria, BC, I shall not miss these blisteringly hot days in Texas, ever.

Not much left to do to prepare for the relocation.  I do need to be sure that both Mary Nell and I both have separate flash drives with all our photographs these past thirteen years.  Once I am done with posting and verifying my grades for this spring term including printing a hardcopy of everything, I can disconnect and take home to pack my Canon printer that I purchased last August for this school year.  When returned from the housing search week on June 10 there will come a June day to pack up my desktop computer and monitor at the last minute before the moving van arrives.  When that happens my posts here will take a break until the computer and accessories are unpacked and operational in Victoria.  A week-long break at least due to the distance the moving van must traverse.

I spent some time checking into private resale prices for preowned Lincoln MKZs and Lincoln Town Cars.  Likely I can find what I am looking for in my price range for model years between 2008 and 2013.  That is, if the pricing north in Canada is comparable to the pricing here in West Texas.  My plan is to allow the local Victoria Ford-Lincoln dealership find the car for me once in Victoria.  I suspect that could go to auction and find me one, if they don’t get one in trade for sale of a new car.  Plus, I am sure they would like to acquire me for a returning customer.

Otherwise, this waiting for this school year to end and the first week in June in Victoria sojourn has become like sitting in the reception area at the Dentist.  Just call me in and get the teeth cleaned, I mean, the housing lease signed.

In the meantime my students truck on listening to the classroom music I play in the background, usually YES, Todd Rundgren, Fleetwood Mac, or the Beatles.  Mostly YES.




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