Victoria Visit & Loose Ends

Enjoy the photograph of Mary Nell and me dining at a restaurant when on vacation.

In three days the moving van shows up here at my Midland, Texas, address to load all my stuff up for the move.  The delivery date window is July 2 to 9 in Victoria, BC, Canada.  All is packed in some 50 boxes, duly labeled with their contents and destination, and then there are my few furniture items duly tagged with the destination address.  I ordered a suitably sized luggage hard-case which arrives here on July 21 in which I will pack this desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, speakers, and my CPAP.  One June 30 I will check the bag through to Victoria and hope all within survives the trip in working order.

While in Victoria the first week in June I acquired a Telus LG smartphone with unlimited calling in both Canada and the United States.  Also Telus will provide my internet and television cable service at the Victoria address.  They show up Sunday, July 1, at the residence to install the internet and cable television services, hence my need for the computer to be on hand that first day.  Televisions?  Well, they will arrive with the moving van after that day, but hopefully the cable can be protruding from the wall in the living area and master bedroom making a return visit unnecessary.  I can plug a cable into the back of a television.

Also that week in Victoria I opened both checking and savings accounts at a local credit union and acquired a debit card.  I had taken cash with me for that purpose.  They are mailing my check order to the local residence address (so I can write my monthly rent checks).  Surprisingly, to me at least, they did not do temporary checks.  Said that they stopped doing that two years back.  My how physical checks have dropped in popularity.

This past week I attempted to wire a small amount from the credit union in Midland to my new credit union in Canada.  The wire did go through the next day, so on Friday I wired the rest of my savings account on up to Canada, save for a small balance.  Presumably the funds will show up in Canada tomorrow, Monday.  On Friday, June 29, I will make one last visit to the Midland credit union (as that is payday) and cash out the account, leaving a residual balance, to have travel cash in hand.  My two U.S. sourced pensions will continue to be wired to my Midland credit union account going forward.  I left a template with the credit union, meaning I need only telephone them once a month to have that month’s pension monies wired up to Canada.

Made a visit to my local eye clinic for the first time in three years.  Naturally a new prescription resulted meaning new lenses for my existing frames were needed for my glasses and sunglasses.  Without any vision insurance, the visit set me back fully $1,082, but hey, my vision insurance premiums, had I paid them the last three years, would have run $1,200 so I came out a winner on that one.

And it rained here last night!  Yes, it rained in Midland.  We’ve only had about an inch since New Year’s Day and fully eight-tenths of an inch showed up in our rain gage.  Yes!  We sorely needed that rain and more may fall over the next few days due to hurricane Bud, now a tropical disturbance, moving over our part of the world.

Yesterday, my son, Alan Blake Willis, 35 years young, and his Boston, MA, tax accountant girlfriend, Karen, treated me to a Father’s Day eve lunch at Clear Springs Restaurant.  I was meeting Karen for the first time face-to-face.  My gift for the occasion?  Three paperback novels in a series set in London, England, involving mystery and magic.  Now I have reading for my flight up to Victoria, as all my other books (some 800 of them) are now packed.  Alan works for J. P. Morgan Chase Bank in Dallas, he with the MBA (UT Austin), Law Degree (SMU Dallas), and BA in Philosophy (Excelsior U in New York State).  Alan plans to relocate to Boston by the end of the year.  Guess why?

That means my visits to the States in the future must include both Texas and Massachusetts.  I wonder if any single airline flies to/from Victoria to both states so I can make a triangular journey on those future forays to the States.

Likely Monday-Wednesday, June 25-27, I will make a quick trip to Austin, Texas, for a visit with former college roommate and forever friend John Williams.  He published last year a thick coffee-table quality hardcover book recounting the entire history of The Lower Colorado River Authority where he endured his professional career.  He now finds himself engaged in writing a similar history of Broadcasting in the State of Texas and already has the publisher and publication date lined up.  His Abilene Christian University degree was in journalism and he is finding this current history an exciting project with lots of input and support from radio and television veteran broadcasters around the state.  Trivia fact:  John and my forever friend from university days, Bryan Cooper Renner, are both never-marrieds, just like my two sons.  How does one do that?  Live all those decades and never marry?

So, almost all the loose ends to tie up here in Texas before the move are done. Remaining to do are the loading of the moving van, one last dental visit, final Sunday at New Life Church, the visit to John in Austin, the last visit to the local credit union, and the drive to the airport.  Oh, and one must not forget—treat Mary Nell Baird to dinner at a white-table-cloth restaurant.  Must do that.

Cheerio, for now.


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