Fully Committed & Counting Down to Departure…

And now I am fully committed to the relocation from Midland, Texas, to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Quality Move Management Inc.’s Allied moving van just rolled away with all of my personal possessions, furniture, and the like after a 150 minute load-the-van-session this Wednesday morning.

Had I second thoughts, I could have mailed the July rent check with an accompanying 30-days move-out notice letter to my Victoria lessors.  And then cancelled the moving van load up session.  Oh I have had those second thoughts, third thoughts, and more throughout this process.  The answer inside my head was always—Do This!  Take the risk.

After all, nothing is forever.  After a half-year, year, two-years, or more I can always bite the bullet and return to the United States.  Not likely to happen.

Tomorrow starts the ten-day countdown of my time here in Texas.  Come July I will be in Canada for better or worse.  Mary Nell is already speaking of coming for a visit with her grand-daughters in tow.  Sister Lee Ann and her husband Skip will be in Vancouver next year for a CPA Conference and plan to spend some time visiting.  Claudia & David Southern, forever-friends since Abilene Christian University days plan a visit in the fall of this year.

So reader, plan your visit.  Cruise out of Seattle, Washington, up the Alaskan inside passageway a week or two and they delay your flight home several days and I will show you the sights of Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Next immediate task?  Vacuum the now empty carpets and then clean them with the Rug Doctor machine before Mary Nell returns from her week-long visit to her brother Robert over in Mills County.  Dust the walls, baseboards, too.

So cheerio for now.



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