First Four Days Report–Willis’s Tired

Above is another picture of the new pre-owned car.

My flight landed Saturday, 30 June, at the Victoria International Airport which is in Sidney a half hour drive north of Victoria.  Rented a car and headed south to locate the Eagle’s Rest Bed and Breakfast where I stayed for three nights.  Excellent breakfasts and conversation with my hostess.  Ran by the ground suite to pick up a key from my landlord and lady in the event they might be at church the next morning when Telus was scheduled to show up to install my wireless internet and cable television services.  The ground suite was immaculate and quite empty of the prior tenants.  I must remember how clean and in order the place was for when the day comes I move on to another residence (or have to leave Canada), I must leave it the same way.

The Telus technician showed up promptly on time at 11:00 am Sunday and took three and one half hours to get everything done.  The Sunday was a national holiday, Canada Day, so he was being paid a premium by Telus to service my residence.  Just before he left, he gave me his business card and told me to call him directly if anything goes wrong the next thirty days.  No service provider in Texas ever did such a thing.  Five Star Service for sure.

After he left I drove to Ashley Home Furnishings (I think we have one in Midland, Texas) to shop for a bed.  I purchased a queen size powered electronic bed frame, mattress, mattress cover, a media chest for one of my two televisions, and a matching dresser.  All for about $2,400 USD.  Not bad.  Delivery was arranged for Tuesday, 3 July.  At the suggestion of the Ashley saleslady I went next to Winners Homestore where I purchased queen sized fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillows, pillow cases, comforter, and matching pillow shams.  I then stowed the purchases at the ground suite.

Then it was fish and chips at the Mile Six Restaurant and Pub on the Island Highway.  Excellent.  Best such I have had in many, many years.  Then I headed to the Bed & Breakfast and called it a Sunday.

The national holiday was observed on the Monday meaning government offices were closed but most everything else was open for business.  First up was shopping for cleaning supplies at Quality Foods.  I had a full basket of just that kind of stuff included a broom and mop.  After stowing all of the supplies at the ground suite I headed to Walmart.  Microwave oven, toaster oven, mixer, food chopper, utility utensils, hand-held dust buster and such like filled my basket.  With all that load squirreled away in the residence, I returned to Quality Foods for food.  On this foray I took it easy and was quite judicious making it a point not to go overboard.  I recalled that I had three boxes coming on the moving van with canned goods.  With all that put away at the ground suite it was time for supper.  I tried out Jasmine’s Family Restaurant down the road from Six Mile Pub on the same highway.  Fish and chips again only onion rings instead of French fries.  Not near as good as the prior night, but for desert the strawberry shortcake was a grand slam hit.

Then it was time to crash at the bed and breakfast and call it a Monday.  I do make it a point to telephone Mary Nell Baird with my report for the day.  We talk from 25 to 45 minutes each evening.  Likely we will keep up the daily conversations until my residence is put fully in order with all my stuff and new purchases in place.

Tuesday, 3 July, was a stellar day.  First up was being present for the delivery of the bedroom suite purchased on Sunday.  At one point I went to my local credit union to trade my US cash dollars out for Canadian dollars. While there I applied for a Canadian VISA credit card to go with the debit card I already had in hand.  I was approved with a beginner credit line since I have no credit history in Canada just yet.

I returned to the Glen Oak Ford dealership to see if they had come through on the assignment I left them with that first week of June.  Find me a pre-owned Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln MKZ to purchase.  Sadly, none could be found as Lincolns are not common in this part of the world.  Taking all the afternoon and some of the evening I did ultimately drive off their lot in my freshly purchased set of wheels.  They even turned my rental car in to National for me.  From the prior post, you can see that I purchased a 2009 Chrysler 300 four door sedan with only 35,000 miles on it.  It was a great deal.

I also purchased a comprehensive four-year warranty on all the mechanics.  If, say, an alternator needs replacement, I pay $150 deductible and am done.  My sister and brother-in-law are big on the warranty thing, so I took the plunge.  I also paid for a year of my insurance at a great price as a senior driver with no Canadian driving history (to drive up my premium).  One million Canadian dollars liability as well as comprehensive and collision coverage in the policy.  I am all set.  Still need a name for the car, people.

The dealership had to fetch the cars from another dealership mid-day (I was looking a two possibilities), so I headed over to a furniture store named The Brick to look for some living room furniture.  For $500 USD including delivery I purchased on clearance a three-person sofa and a two-person love seat in mocha brown.  Definitely pre-owned showing some wear, but what a bargain.

After supper at the McDonald’s drive through I called it a Tuesday and set my alarm for early, early Wednesday morning.

At 8:30 am Monday I met my Quality Move Management, Inc. driver, Mike, in downtown Victoria at the Customs Office.  There was some dicey moments in the conversation with the customs officer.  While my application for a Right of Permanent Residence in Canada Card is being processed, I am now here on a six-month tourist visa.  The officer said most tourists show up with a couple of luggage bags and a carryon, not a moving van full of personal effects and furniture.  I had all my paperwork with me and was able to show the officer that I was financially secure and could afford moving all my stuff out of country should things go sideways with the Immigration folk and my application requiring me to leave Canada.  So he approved my stuff being unloaded at the residence by Mike and his helper.

From 9:45 am until noon, Mike and his assistant unloaded the van and by noon all my effects and furniture were in the residence.  They left and I left for lunch of some Greek ribs, broccoli, and garlic-cheese bread at Joe’s Original Restaurant and Bar.  From 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm I unpacked boxes and put things away.  Then I had had enough.  Off to Quality Foods for some more tea for the residence fridge and some spring rolls from the deli for supper.  I am typing this as I make the spring rolls disappear.

My agenda for Thursday, 5 July, consists of being here all day to receive the delivery of the sofa and love seat and to unpack boxes and put things away.  I am saving unboxing the books for next to last.  I will unbox the wall hanging last as they have to be hung up on the walls.  No books or wall hangings will be addressed tomorrow.

Oh, the one big delivery glitch?  My five foot long, five foot high, wooden bookcase fell apart and the moving company, at present, has mislaid one of the six support posts.  My landlord and I have conferred and together we can put the bookcase back together, making a new support post if the lost one stays lost. The minor glitch consists of three broken crystal glasses, one West Point Academy wine goblet, and a china salad bowl.  Could find a few more as I unpack the rest of the boxes.  I am not losing sleep over the broken glass and china items.

Well, time to post this report, call Mary Nell for the nightly chat, and catch some sleep.  I haven’t opened the television boxes yet, so I will not be tempted to watch anything tonight.  In case you missed it, I slept here for the first time last night, Tuesday.  Oh, Happy Independence Day.  Can’t say I miss the fireworks.

Till next time, cheerio.

PS  Too tired to proofread the above report.  Sorry for any errors.  Retired English teachers are sensitive on the subject of good grammar and spelling.







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