Finally! All Boxes Empty

As you can see from the photo above of the living area, I am now completely moved into my new residence in Victoria.  All the boxes are unpacked, books on the shelves, wall hangings on the walls, everything.

Well, I did run out of book shelf space and had to repack two small (10″ cubic) boxes with left-over books.  I have ordered from The Brick, a local furniture outfit, two cherry wood three-shelf bookcases which when placed side by side will fill a nice space next to the refrigerator in the dining area (out of site on the right above) which will be the home for those books.

I will spare you all the gory details of the getting-the-residence ready process which was my primary daily activity since my last post below.  I did take time out to make poetry nights on Friday evening and then Wednesday evening at two locations, both with an open mike.  I read my “Rusty Cat Sunning and Still” poem at both venues and at the second one I began with the “Sci Fi Channel” since the time limit there was five minutes.

Mary Nell suggested I name the 2007 Chrysler 300 Signature Series sedan after its beach sand colour, so “Sandy” it is.  The car now has 35,340 miles on it (I had to do the math since the odometer is expressed in kilometers).

I have about twenty more or so photos of the interior of the residence to post here, but I have yet to figure out how to post more than one image on a blog posting.  Expect to see more photos in coming posts.

All for now.  Adios.



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