Ground Suite Office

Day Sixteen of my retirement here in British Columbia.  A Yellow Cab brought me back this morning to this ground suite from the GlenOak Ford dealership where my new pre-owned Chrysler 300 Signature Series four-door sedan is being serviced today.  Saturday evening the engine would not turn over.  Road Assistance sent a tow truck and the driver successfully jumped the battery to start the engine.  He suggested I drive forty-five minutes on the highways to recharge the battery.  So I made the fifty-mile round trip from here to the BC Ferries (to Vancouver) on the north end of this peninsula of Vancouver Island.  The car started up to make the Sunday trip to church and again for the return trip home.  But this morning it, again, would not start.  My gracious landlord, Joe de Frias jumped the battery and I was able to drive the car to the dealership for service.  Joe thinks it sounds like a failing alternator as opposed to a bad battery.  I shall learn later today when they call me what was the ultimate problem and fix.  Glad I purchased the four-year extended mechanical warranty when I purchased the car.  Today’s repair cannot cost me more than $150 CAD out of pocket, whatever the total invoice charge.

And here are six photos of my ground suite second bedroom never intended for a bed, but rather to be my home office.  My application for a Right of Permanent Residence in Canada Card with the Immigration posse in Sydney, Nova Scotia, asserts that I am moving here to engage in self-employment as a Poet and Writer.  Well now, one cannot do that without a properly outfitted office from which to solicit avenues of publication of one’s poetry, memoirs, and the like.  Much of what I shipped up here from Midland was for the office as you see in the photos.

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