Ground Suite Photos (again)

And here are the last of the interior photos of the ground suite from top left to right: View from the front door on the side of the residence down the hallway to the living area, kitchen, and dining nook; bath room featuring the Phantom of the Opera from the Phantages Theatre in Toronto over the toilet; bath room mirror, sink, and counter; bedroom looking inward from the windows; bedroom looking from the hallway door; and bedroom looking inward from the closet area.  With these photos and those in the prior posts the entire interior of the ground suite here in Victoria, British Columbia, have now been displayed for your viewing pleasure.

On Thursday, 19 July, I spend part of the afternoon reading William Shakespeare’s play Pericles, Prince of Tyre.  Then after trying out a recommended Greek restaurant nearby, Il Greco Restaurant and Pizzeria, I drove the six miles or so over to the Camosun College’s Lansdowne Campus for the local Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival held annually since 1991 to view outdoors the play, Pericles, Prince of Tyre.  I should have taken Dad’s blue sweater as the temperature dropped by nightfall to 58 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fortunately, the Festival provided blankets.  I will repeat the read-the play-then-view-the-play one day next week for the Festival’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  I will take Dad’s sweater next week.

My 2009 Chrysler 300 Signature Series sedan finds itself back at Sound Solutions this Friday morning where they are again attempting to solve the “drain the battery of power” problem caused we think by the recently installed back-up camera.  Today they are installing a mechanical automatic power switch for the camera that supposedly will switch the camera on when the car engine is started and switch it off when the engine is cut off.  They also will make sure the radio stations play properly as they have not done so since the sedan’s last visit to their shop.  Hopefully, today’s intervention will solve the problems.

A few recent firsts here at the ground suite have included using the two-patty George Foreman Grill to prepare a couple of hamburger steaks, using the stovetop to whip up some Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff, using the stovetop to prepare some Original Aunt Jemima pancakes where I burned the first three of them.  But the other five pancakes turned out just fine, buttered, with Canadian Maple Syrup, and accompanied by pre-cooked out-of-the-package bacon slices.  I managed to make my final, I think, stock-up-the-pantry visit to Quality Foods.  From now on, visits to Quality Foods, a supermarket, should be just to replace things eaten.

Tonight the PlanetEarthPoetry Collective holds their open-mike poetry reading at Hillside Coffee and Tea.  Tonight food poetry takes center stage as we are having readings from Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food.  The anthology was compiled by Rachel Rose (former Vancouver Poet Laureate).  Island writers reading tonight include Stephen Berg, Kate Braid, David Eso, Wendy Morton, Emily Olsen, Pam Porter, and D. C. Reid.  If so moved, I must write a food poem today to read at the open-mike tonight.

Since my one-way airplane flight landed here 30 June, it is interesting to note that I have been here as a resident for a full three weeks, twenty-one days.  Wow.  My how time flies.

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Cherrio, till next time.  Enjoy the photos here and in previous posts.  I think the interior of the ground suite turned out really well.  Feels like home, almost.  Still feels a bit like I am on vacation.  But I am not on vacation I tell myself.

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