Two Months In . . .

Still here.  Two months into my life here in Victoria and now it is already September.  Not a word yet from the Immigration officials since mid-June when they acknowledged receiving and beginning to process my application for a Right of Permanent Residence in Canada card.  No news is good news I hope.

And what will I be doing this fine month of September?  Let me list the things.

  • Sunday mornings at church and then lunch with the church lunch group.
  • Tuesday evenings playing Bridge, a Mens & Newcomers Club activity.
  • Monthly Book Club afternoon, also a Mens & Newcomers Club activity.
  • Monthly Pub Luncheon, also a Mens & Newcomers Club activity.
  • Friday nights at Hillside Coffee & Tea for poetry open mike, and guest poets.
  • Occasional trips to Quality Foods and/or Walmart to keep the fridge and food pantry stocked; lots of trips to Walmart to keep me in sweet raspberry tea gallon jugs.
  • Reading the daily newspaper and messing around on the computer each day.
  • Watching movies I have DVRed so I can blast away the commercials.
  • Reading books from my Reading Shelf where I have stacked my purchases of unread books from the last year or so. Think a line of unread books three feet wide.
  • Dining out on occasion when cabin fever surfaces its depressing head.
  • Telephoning family and friends back in Texas near their bedtimes just to chat and keep up.
  • Watching the newspaper for special events to check out which also helps with cabin fever.

And that is the list as it stands now.  Soon I hope to become a part of one of the small life groups that meet weekly at church. Think spiritual accountability to one another.  There is also a supper club where eight church members meet monthly to dine in homes I hope to join.

As for special events, this holiday weekend I made it out to the Greek Festival for live entertainment and Greek food.  I also made it over to the Sannich Agricultural Festival which reminded me of a scaled back version of the State Fair of Texas.  Carnival rides like the Midway, exhibit buildings with animals and craft winners, fresh food for sale from the growers themselves, live entertainment on stages, and of course food everywhere to chow down on.

I just take myself, me, to these various activities.  No friends made yet to hang out with and just do stuff.  Hopefully, a few of those will come in due course.

Am I here for the long haul?  Jury is out on that one.  For the coming fall, winter and spring, yes.  If my blog posts are still looking like this one come next April, I may commence planning a return to Texas.  Hanging out with friends is too important to forego for the long haul.

Well, time to go watch another Garage Sale Mystery movie on my DVR, one that I have not seen ever.  Thank you BRAVO channel for showing these mighty fine Hallmark Mysteries and Suspense channel movies on your network.

The above photo shows Victoria’s inner harbour.

Cheerio, Gary




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