Last Week in Canada Begins…

Tomorrow Tuesday, 23 October, I pick up Mary Nell, pictured below, at the float plane terminal at the Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  We will pack up the fragile items (china, crystal, wedgewood, glasses, dishes, and look-pretty items) very carefully.  Then for my last week in Canada, we will be tourists.  High tea at the Empress Hotel on the Inner Harbour, fish and chips, and the like are on our agenda.  Then there will be the visits to Dollar Tree and Walmart for items Mary Nell could not bring here due to the float plane weight limitation on baggage of 25 pounds.  I will see to getting my car, “Sandy”, serviced for the 3,000 mile plus vacation road trip back to Texas.  Wire my money back to Texas.  Close my Canadian credit union accounts.  Last minute packing up of the televisions, this computer, kitchen, and bath items.

Then comes Monday, 29 October.  The moving company loads up the ground suite furniture and some 36 packed boxes.  We pack the car and leave Canada.  Our goal that day is to drive some 260 miles to stay overnight in Moses Lake, Washington State.  The return trip to Texas includes sightseeing at Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Salt Lake City attractions, North & South Rims of the Grand Canyon, shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, some time in St. George, Utah, staying with my sister Lee Ann, her husband Skip, and friends, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and the Petrified Forrest.  We plan to arrive back in Midland, Texas on 15 November.  The moving company arrives the day thereafter.

My four months in Canada have been real.  Perhaps in ten years or so, Mary Nell and I will move back up here to stay after her granddaughters are grown to adulthood.  More likely we will just visit on occasion as we travel the world while our health and energy levels hold up.  All I truly know is that in the days, months, and years to come you will find me at Mary Nell’s side so long as we both live in this world of God’s creation.


One thought on “Last Week in Canada Begins…

  1. So very happy for this next new chapter in your lives together. Your trip back sounds amazing and be sure to take lots of pictures.

    Love and prayers to both of you ~


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